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The Butterflies of Venezuela

A series of comprehensive guide books
for enthusiasts and professionals

Andrew F. E. Neild, FRES

Latest Updates October 2014:

TOUR:  Eastern Ecuador - October 2014
NEW TOUR: South-eastern Peru (Cosñipata Valley - the Manu Road) April 2016

PHOTOS: Eastern Ecuadorian butterflies October 2013: all photos uploaded

PUBLICATIONS: list and download available


Synopsis Of The Book Series

Approximately 1000 species of adult Nymphalidae, Papilionidae, and Pieridae will be treated in this four-part book series, equivalent to over one-third of the total Neotropical species in these families. 

The Butterflies of Venezuela series will prove invaluable to all who wish to learn about the remarkable and diverse butterfly fauna of this country and continent. 

Published in 1996, Part 1 of The Butterflies of Venezuela was a pioneering work of its kind for South America, being the first authoritative volume in a comprehensive faunistic identification series. 

Drawing on over 20 years of personal research in the field, in collections, and in libraries, the detailed accounts for each species encapsulate all that is known about their identification, taxonomy, systematics, distribution, behaviour, habitat, and foodplants. 

The text, which has been written to appeal to specialists and amateurs alike, has been collated from a wealth of published and unpublished sources. It includes extensive commentary on the systematics and nomenclature employed, and provides detailed notes designed to permit the easy identification of every Venezuelan butterfly. General notes on early stages are provided in the introduction to each genus, and where available those of one representative species are fully described. Readers also benefit from the inclusion of an extensive bibliography, which in Part 2 alone comprises almost 800 works fully referenced in the text. 

Unlike many other guides, the photographic colour plates illustrate every subspecies, generally showing both sexes and wing surfaces for each, plus several representative specimens for highly variable taxa. In addition, a large number of type specimens are reproduced, many for the first time.

  • Part 1 covers 276 species of the nymphalid subfamilies Limenitidinae (including Biblidini), Apaturinae, and Charaxinae, including 2 new species and 23 new subspecies. One neotype and 6 lectotypes are designated. Nearly 1,200 specimens, of which 347 are types, are included on the 32 colour plates. 

    Published 1996

    Meridian Publications, 
    ISBN 978-0-9527657-0-7

    144 text pages, 32 colour plates, 18 figures, 4 maps.
    Laminated hardback, 22 x 30 cm.
    Weight: 1.1 kgs (2 lbs 7 oz).
Price: £75 (plus carriage)

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  • Part 2 treats 196 species (355 subspecies) in the nymphalid subfamilies Acraeinae, Libytheinae, Nymphalinae, Ithomiinae, and Morphinae. In excess of 1450 specimens are reproduced on 84 colour plates. There are over 450 figures of type specimens, of which the majority are illustrated for the first time. Descriptions are provided for 8 new species and 91 new subspecies. In addition, 4 neotypes and 10 lectotypes are designated. 

    Published September 2008

    Meridian Publications, ISBN: 978-0-9527657-1-4.

    272 text pages, 84 colour plates, 31 figures, 2 tabs, 4 maps.
    Laminated hardback, 22 x 30 cm.
    Weight: 2.0 kgs (4 lbs 4 oz).

    Price: £110 (plus carriage)

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  • Part 3 is projected to treat the family Papilionidae and the nymphalid subfamilies Brassolinae, Danainae, and Satyrinae 1 (Satyrini 1: Pronophilina & Erebiina).

  • Part 4 will cover the family Pieridae and the remaining nymphalid subfamilies: Satyrinae (Concl.) and Heliconiinae.

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